Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking for a product that makes you look forward to cleaning your home?

How much would you be willing to pay for a product that helped you to enjoy scrubbing your bathtub? If you are like me, it would be hard to name a price! How about $4.99?

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Meyer's ---if you have not already met. : ) Her products are amazing! My all-time favorite is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Surface Scrub:

Good in more than just the kitchen, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Surface Scrub works on the grimy surfaces in your home. Use Surface Scrub on tile, stainless steel, professional cookware, porcelain fixtures and more. It's chlorine and phosphate free, of course. Made with a naturally safe ash and oxygen bleach.
 We use naturally derived ingredients whenever possible from corn, sugar cane, coconut and palm. When we cannot find a plant-derived ingredient that performs to our rigorous standards, we use ingredients from the world of safe synthetics. These are materials with a long history of safety and efficacy in use for people and the environment they live in.
At Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, we do our best every day to make our formulations as natural as possible without compromising freshness, and performance. Our fragrances contain natural essential oils and other non-natural ingredients to ensure safety, consistent performance and quality. Our products DO NOT contain ammonia, chlorine or phosphates.
I actually look forward to using this product... which means I look forward to cleaning! When I am finished, my house is sparkly and smells fabulous. It doesn't smell like chemicals, just fresh and clean.

Mrs. Meyer's products cost a bit more than their chemical-smelling counterparts, but they are more concentrated, so (in my experience) they last twice as long. Plus, a few extra dollars is a small price to pay for my cleaning enjoyment!

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