Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buying Coupons Off Ebay

I just found the most amazing idea.

I am THRILLED about it!

Did you know that you can buy clipped coupons on eBay?

10 of these coupons for only $1.89 on eBay!I just bought 10 BOGO coupons for Schick disposable razors on eBay for $1.89 with FREE shipping! This is fantastic!

They cost about $7.00 a pack. If I redeem all ten by 11/30/08 (the expiration date) I will have saved over $68! (including the cost of the coupons)

This has opened a whole new world of savings for me. So often, I come across a really great coupon in the Sunday newspaper. I know I should go and buy a few more papers, but I never seem to get around to it.

Now, I don't have to! I can just sit in the comfort of my own home and let someone else cut them out and send them to me in the mail!

I got to thinking... somebody is making money off of this. The seller I bought from said this in the listing:

"My coupons are from the Sunday newspaper inserts. Sunday's I buy the papers (usually 200), pull the inserts, sort/count/file the inserts & then photo & list the coupons. Once the orders are placed, I then print, clip & mail your order. This is a very time consuming process. You are not paying for the coupons (they are free), you are paying for my time to provide this service to you."

She buys 200 Sunday papers? My goodness! That is a LOT of papers. From my very rough figures... I think she may be making about $10,000 per year on this venture. Not too shabby for a part-time/work-from-home job!

***Technically, you can't buy coupons online for legal reasons. You are paying for the coupon clipping service, not the coupons themselves. They are "free".

****Personally, I would not buy coupons printed off a computer (many stores will not accept them). I would also not buy coupons from a seller who had a lot of negative feedback.

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